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  • I live in hot, humid Houston, TX so I know what it feels like to have perfect hair when I walk out of the door and my hair is a frizzy mess by the time I get to work. I tried out a few things to stop hair frizz and one worked really well. I tested it out for 5 days and my hair stayed straight and without frizz the entire time.

    FYI: I straighten my hair with heat and not a relaxer.

    Here’s what you can use as a natural hair frizz treatment:

      Things You Will Need:

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    1. After Straightening/Styling Your Hair – Take a dime sized amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and evenly spread it through your hair from root to tip. Only use the recommended amount of oil to prevent your hair from becoming oily/greasy.

    2. Why Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prevent Hair Frizz – Olive Oil stops hair from frizzing in humidity because it is water insoluble and blocks moisture.

    Just say NO to hair frizz!

      Tips and Warnings:

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be purchased at just about any store that sells food products. I use the Great Value oil from Walmart.
    • If the Olive Oil is too heavy for your hair, seek other frizz treatment products like castor oil, coconut oil, and a silicone that are water insoluble (repels water).
    • If you have a weave, use a pea sized amount of oil on your natural hair only. This will help your hair stay straight and blend easier with the weave.